Trichomes, Cannabis and Light Microscopy

Effect of climate on the content of a CBD-rich variant of Cannabis. The resultant increased biosynthesis of the cannabinoid and terpene containing resin, in most cases, seems likely of advantage to the organism

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Charles Stillman

"Indie Film Director Whit Stillman Talks Austen, Adaptations, and Why Cinema Still Matters". The last days of disco: with cocktails at Petrossian afterwards: a novel (1st.). He married Mildred Whitney three years later

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The Basis for the Gothic Horror Story

It is about a person called Malcomson who moves into an old house. Usually the innocent person is killed by the evil creature in a gothic horror story. On the other hand

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Professional sports and Affirmative Action

Early in his tenure on the commission, President Bush vetoed the Civil Rights Bill of 1990 and then subsequently signed virtually the same bill in 1991. Given a chance to speak at the

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Women and Drug Abuse

This means that this process transpires at a faster rate in their organisms than in those of men, who have more of the same chemical. After the form and structure are developed during

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The Importance of Love to Man

Over the next few months, they gave me more and more design work. When you are disillusioned by the outside world, your family is always there to fall back. And I was good.

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Culper Spy Ring - Revolutionary War

culper Spy Ring - Revolutionary War

An Amazing Scholarly website of the American Revolution. This is a detailed article about the logistics of the Revolutionary War and how success in this area allowed the Americans to defeat the British. Greene then fought Cornwallis at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence. Horatio Gates was disgraced at Camden, Charles Lee betrayed his country while a prisoner, and Benjamin Lincoln was over-matched at Charleston. The British empire was often supported with mercenaries, such as the Hessians and in the case of the American Revolution, Indians and Loyalists. He would evaluate reports and determine what information would be taken. Massachusetts Bay Colony and soon afterwards Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire were settled. A new time was dawning and a different way of thinking was beginning to shape the way men processed information. 15 The focus of intelligence gathering switched to Philadelphia, and Washington assigned Major John Clark, who had returned to the army after being severely wounded in a skirmish before the Battle of Brandywine.

The Technology Modern Warfare, Artificial Intelligence and Neuromorphic Engineering, Ethics of holy war,