Atlanta Exposition Address

If greatness could truly be measured by the color one wears, then why are there equality good Black singers as well as the White? Wherein Black Americans are facing judgment by the White

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Analysis on The Way of All Flesh

Critical reputation edit The writer George Orwell praised the novel and called it "a great book because it gives an honest picture of the relationship between father and son, and it could do

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The Program: A Movie Review

He struggles to earn money, in the hopes of moving his family out of their drab apartment with its awful plumbing into a bigger home. He has some fun with the conventions of

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The Laughing Buddha

Some believe it symbolizes all the riches the believer will receive. Some statues include a pot of gold, others a bag filled with gold nuggets. He is always happy; thereby the name the

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The Guiding Principles of the Juche Idea

KimilsungismKimjongilism One thing that you might notice when looking through the annals of 20th century revolutionary communist theory is that there are a great many schools of thought named after former authoritarian

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Puritanism: A Flawed Faith

Contending for Our All,. Because of the kaleidoscope of different plotlines and levels of possible interpretation, one's subconscious and imagination is given accidental freedom to invent all kinds of morals. He was calling

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Pieces of American History

pieces of American History

Stars Suffered Unimaginable Fate After Daredevil Trip Went Terribly Wrong. Read more, washboards, armchairs, lamps, and pots and pans may not seem to be museum pieces. Read more The tools, rules, and relationships of the workplace illustrate some of the enduring collaborations and conflicts in the everyday life of the nation. Inspiration True Crime, thief Returns Stolen Antique Clock To Ford Because He Felt Guilty. The last few decades offer proof positive of why museums must collect continuouslyto document technological and social transformations already underway. The 540th Personal Camera manufactured by Kodak in 1888 "The original 1888 Kodak camera arrived loaded with film for 100 photographs, and once the buyers took the pictures they sent the entire camera back to Kodak. This set is one of the finest American surgical sets of the late 1800s, and it's remarkable that all 80 of the original tools are still intact.".

But, for us, they're prized as symbols of activism and engagement. The Museum possesses one of the largest numismatic collections in the world. Read more, donations to the Museum have preserved irreplaceable evidence about generations of ordinary Americans. There are only two analysis of Journey to the Center of the Earth or three known to exist in the United States.". The Museum's collections document centuries of remarkable changes in products, manufacturing processes, and the role of industry in American life.