The objectives of SPACH cover three main areas in relation to the cultural heritage of Afghanistan:

1. Advocacy
is understood as convincing those with the available resources to employ these in favour of the preservation of cultural heritage. This includes Afghan government institutions, foreign governments, international organizations and specialists both in Afghanistan and abroad.

2. Awareness-raising focuses its attention on a different kind of audience: the general public, which can be analyzed in terms of its demographic components, such as youth, students, religious groups, educated, military, etc. The message is generally simple and the aim is to spread it as widely and effectively as possible.

3. Capacity-building targets yet another kind of group, Afghan professionals. Here the aim is to close the gap of learning opened up by 25 years of war, to underpin and enhance the skills of people in Afghanistan in the most up-to-date methodologies and practices in regard to the preservation of cultural heritage - policy, conservation, restoration, museology, etc. - and to acquire this assistance from the best possible source.